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Scanlube creates value for its owners and customers by developing, producing and supplying a wide range of lubricants with the highest quality, excellent service, great know-how and competitive prices.

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Scanlube manufactures, stocks and distributes under the Texaco brand on behalf of Preem, Uno-X Mobility and Chevron. Operations are carried out in Gothenburg's energy port, in a factory owned by the company. Scanlube is half owned by Preem AB and half by Uno-X Mobility AS, which are also the company's largest customers with their own sales organisations. Customers are located mainly in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, the Baltic States and Finland.

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High product quality and pure products is a hallmark for Scanlube. For research and development we have access to all technology and knowledge of the international Chevron group. Traceability of raw materials and product are available in all processes and areas. Control of raw materials and production takes place in our own well-equipped laboratory.

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Scanlube should be the most customer- and environment focused supplier of lubricants in Europe.

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Scanlube’s core values are a support in daily operations and a help in making decisions. The core values permeate the entire organization and ensure that everyone is working towards the same directions to achieve our vision.

Customer focus

We are reliable, service-minded and always provide a positive response.

Environmental care

We actively work with minimizing our environmental impact and set high standards for our suppliers.


We have a high security thinking and work responsibly.


We work together and feel joy at work.


We are progressive and see opportunities.

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The Scanlube Code of Conduct has been adopted to emphasize the principles guiding the company’s relationships with employees, business partners and other stakeholders. These principles shall be followed by suppliers, distributors, consultants and other business partners.

Human rights and working conditions

Scanlube respects basic human rights according to the United Nations declaration. We do not accept child labour, forced labour or work in hazardous working environments. We expect the same of our business partners.

Equal opportunities and non-discrimination

Scanlube values and encourages diversity. Scanlube does not tolerate any discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or opinions. No form of harassment is tolerated and will be actively counteracted by the company and its managers.


Employees at Scanlube must never offer or receive bribes or other illegal benefits. Cases of suspected corruption or other types of illegal activity are investigated internally and, if necessary, reported to the appropriate authorities. Employees at Scanlube are not permitted to receive gifts or representation that violates national laws or exceeds what is considered reasonable and locally accepted in terms of business representation. Employees should consult the nearest manager if they are uncertain about the appropriateness of giving or receiving gifts or business representation.

Business partners

Scanlube strives to maintain long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners based on mutual trust. We emphasize honesty, integrity and fairness in our business relations and expect the same from our partners. Employees who are involved in international business transactions must be familiar and comply with all applicable foreign and domestic laws and regulations.


Good leadership and transparency are the basis of sound business ethics. The Scanlube managers shall create good conditions for cooperation and knowledge exchange. They are responsible for ensuring the optimal use of the knowledge and expertise of every individual.


All employees are expected to have a high level of integrity and quality in their work towards colleagues, customers, suppliers, business partners and the community. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that Scanlubes´ reputation is not damaged by dishonesty, disloyalty or corruption.