Quality, Environment
& Security

Scanlube ABQuality, Environment & Safety
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Scanlube has a process oriented operating system where quality, environment, work environment for our employees and continuous fire protection work and improvement are integrated.

The operating system serves as a support in daily work and is the basis of development through constant improvements. Employee engagement, analysis of deviations, continuous work on corrective and preventive measures and follow-up of activities ensure this improvement process. Together with our owners, we set long-term strategic goals to achieve the vision.

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Systematic and long-term work with continuous improvement influences the daily operations at Scanlube. It ensures that we can produce and deliver lubricants in a way that meets our customers and other stakeholders requirements and expectations.

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Scanlube cares for the environment and shall produce and supply lubricants in accordance with applicable legal requirements and other regulations. Environmental awareness shall be natural in our organisation, so that active work to minimise environmental impact is ensured. Scanlube shall contribute to sustainable development through open dialogue, dynamic action plans, continuous improvement of environmental management and reduced resource consumption.

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Security First - At Scanlube we never compromise on security, the working environment must always be considered in every decision and at all levels of the organization.

Improving the work environment is part of daily work and is characterized by working with continuous improvements where the goal is to create a healthy and safe place for everyone.

Work environment work shall take place in consultation with employees and focus on prevention to prevent accidents and ill health. The working environment should be designed from a holistic perspective and adapted to everyone's different needs and conditions.

We will ensure that we comply with current occupational health and safety legislation and that we comply other relevant work environment requirements from authorities and other stakeholders.

It is everyone's responsibility to participate in the work environment, to follow given routines and instructions and to denounce risks that are detected.

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Issues relating to quality, environment and safety are always at the top of the agenda for us at Scanlube and we are certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.